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The deck includes 400 wide spaces, an elevator, high ceilings and parking on level grades. 10, 2021 at 1:28 PM EST|Updated: 18 hours ago RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The Science Museum of Virginia announced the completion of its four-level parking deck. The deck includes 400 wide spaces, an elevator, high ceilings and parking on level grades. Construction took a little over a year to complete. Community members will not be able to enter the deck overnight. In the upcoming months, the museum will be adding six electric vehicle charging stations to the deck, expanding the number on campus to eight. The new stations are sponsored by CarMax. Copyright 2021 WWBT. All rights reserved.


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Marie Newman gestures with her hand while speaking into a microphone. "Call this new Illinois map the Nancy Pelosi Protection Plan," said state GOP Chairman Don Tracy. "It’s appalling that fair representation, keeping communities of interest together and transparency in the mapmaking process in Illinois all had to take a back seat to the demands of national politics." these details Yet if Republicans found that map absurd, they will be even more offended by a new proposal. Crafted by Zach Koutsky, a longtime Illinois Democratic operative, it appeared on the state Legislature’s online portal late Friday night. The more aggressive map is even more contorted than the first — though perhaps more effective at delivering seats for Democrats. It was crafted in consultation with national Democrats, according to a source familiar with its origin. In this proposal, Bustos' northwest Illinois district stretches across the state's northern border, grabbing the city of Rockford and dipping into Lake County to pick up some of the city of Waukegan. It also loops the Democratic-leaning cities downstate into two districts: one snaking from East St. Louis to Springfield to Decatur, and another that stretches from Peoria to Bloomington to Champaign. That would leave just two deep-red seats for the state's current Republican members. Democrats could conceivably take 15 of the 17 districts in the next election under this map. State lawmakers are expected to vote on a congressional map during the tail end of a veto session that starts Tuesday and wraps up on Oct.


“We can’t do it by ourselves, but if we all come together, and combine it with education, we may be able to get to zero [deaths].” State legislatures typically don’t deal directly with rural road safety issues. They leave that to state and local transportation officials, who make decisions about infrastructure and engineering changes. But sometimes, legislators do try to step in. In Illinois, check this link right here now Republican state Sen. Chapin Rose filed a bill in February that would require the state Department of Transportation to conduct a study identifying rural intersections that have significant safety concerns. The department would have to seek input from county officials and make recommendations for policy changes. “I’m just sick and tired of people getting killed at rural intersections that everybody knows have been an issue in the past,” Rose said in an interview with Stateline. “You can’t signalize every rural intersection. Motorists don’t want that anyway. But there are that one or two in every county that are just an accident waiting to happen.” Rose, who represents 10 counties in east central Illinois, many of which are rural, said he has been pushing for such a study for years.